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  • Format USB Or Flash Drive Software 7.0

    This software offers a solution for users who want to format multiple USB or flash drives
  • JPG to PDF format

    JPG to PDF format Software convert photos in pdf, pictures in pdf, snapshot in pdf, etc. Converting Multiple JPEG to PDF application program supports
  • PST to EML Format 7.0

    Several time MS outlook corrupted due to any causes like:- Virus attack, Software and hardware disputes, PST file got corrupted etc. For recovering
  • RSP Floppy Format OCX 1.0.0

    ActiveX OCX to format floppies and removable disks What is new in the version 1.0.0 (Tue Oct 02 16:51:35 2007) :This OCX uses the same files that are
  • Perfect Format 2.0

    NOTE: Perfect Format is compatible only with Internet Explorer. Perfect Format is an HTML Component that masks, formats and validates web page input
  • RSP Disk Format DLL 1.3

    Win32 DLL to format disks in fat, fat32 or NTFSDescriptionfat16 or only fat is the format used in small hds (30 mb)fat32 is used in removable media
  • Format Converter

    Format Converter 3 is a powerful video and audio conversion program that allows you to convert films and music to almost any format. In addition to
  • ICO file format 1.93b1

    ICO file format allows Photoshop to directly Open and Save any Windows icon (.ICO) files. Furthermore, one can also rely on this plugin to open .CUR
  • ICO file format x64 1.93b1

    ICO file format allows Photoshop to directly Open and Save any Windows icon (.ICO) files. Furthermore, one can also rely on this plugin to open .CUR
  • Flash Format 3.0

    Flash Format is a small yet powerful application especially intended for Windows Mobile powered Smartphone, Handheld PC devices and Pocket PC devices
  • EZ-Format for Excel 6.1

    eZ-Format Excel Add-in Tool Features for Formatting Excel Data and Worksheets and Creating Excel Subtotals and Data Filters!Includes every enhancement
  • Format Factory 2.95

    FormatFactory is a powerful, easy to use and multifunctional media converter. Format Factory is a free, user-friendly media converter, suitable for
  • BHM File Format 0.1a

    A generic hierarchical file format. BHM can be seen as the binary equivalent of XML. It allows flexible hierarchies of any type of data, in a
  • SQL Format SSMS Add-in 1.0

    SQL Format adds lightning fast autocompletion and function info as you type. It speeds up your programming as you need much less typing - and it
  • Filter by Format 0.7

    Filter by Format is a simple tool allowing you to filter data within a Spreadsheet based on the formatting of cells. It is both a spreadsheet
  • Format Visualizer .NET 0.13

    Do you want to see the internal structure of a file based on the information that you have set? For example, A image researcher want to see a image
  • Free Mp3 Format DLL 2.8

    ActiveX to convert Mp3 To Wav, Wav To Mp3 & Wav To Wav with plenty of effects and formats. Allows setting output mp3 Frequency, bit width,
  • Free Mp3 Format ActiveX 2.8

    ActiveX to convert Mp3 To Wav, Wav To Mp3 & Wav To Wav with plenty of effects and formats. Allows setting output mp3 Frequency, bit width,
  • Video Format Converter Pro

    "Cucusoft Mpeg/Mov/RMVB/DivX/AVI to DVD/VCD/SVCD Converter Pro" is easy to use and powerful for experts as well. It enables you to convert and burn
  • Image Format Converter 1.32

    Image Format Converter is all-in-one solution for those who do not want to waste time and effort searching for 10 different converters to deal with
  • Convert Image Format 1.32

    Convert image format with an easy to use Image Format Converter with single mouse click. Image format converting device is developed with property to
  • Format Recovery for Email 1.1

    Free email Recovery SoftWare (Format Recovery for EMail V1.0) can recover EMail from a damaged dbx file or deleted dbx file or re-installed windows'
  • Audio Format Switch 2.3

    With Audio Format Switch you can batch convert music and grab your audio CDs to 6 major audio formats. Output formats are: Wave, MP3, MP4, AAC, WMA,
  • GC Reply Format Configurator 1.00

    GC Reply Format Configurator is an outlook add-in product from GenesisCircle that works with Microsoft Outlook versions 2000 to 2007. GC reply
  • Recover Files After Format 5.1

    With Recover Files After Format ( ), users can enjoy a complete solution for both recovering files or for
  • iCare Format Recovery 2.2

    iCare Format Recovery software is use to solve all partition related problems like sometimes when you reload the Windows, the drives gives option
  • HDD Low Level Format Tool 4.40

    you can use HDD Low Level Format Tool is a utility for the formatting of low-level hard disk drive. It supports many interfaces i.e. S-ATA (SATA),
  • AlphaPNG format plug-in 1.0

    AlphaPNG file format plug-in lets to save semi-transparent images with semi-transparent tones and an alpha-channel in 8-bit PNG format! AlphaPNG lets
  • SD Card Format Recovery 1.0

    Formatted sd card by accident? Reformat sd card when it asks you to format it since it was in RAW format or raw file system? Restore files with iCare
  • Windows Media Format 11

    This software requires Windows Media Format 11 runtime for decoding/encoding Windows Media Video and Audio (WMA)
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  • iCare Format Recovery 2.2

    iCare format Recovery software is use to solve all partition related problems like sometimes when you reload the Windows, the drives gives option of formatted partition, can recover the lost photos and files from
  • 2011 Pen Drive Recovery 1.0

    2011 Pen drive Recovery Software is commendable tool to recover pen drive data instantly. This 2011 Pen drive data recovery software provides complete solution to get pen drive data back in all major data loss
  • Drive Bender 1.3.1

    drive Bender is state of the art, single point storage pool technology for Microsoft Windows. drive Bender presents multiple hard drives as a single pool of storage, either as one or more drive letters, or a network
  • Check Disk and Format Disk Component 1.0

    The Check Disk and format Disk component is a Delphi wrapper around the Windows APIs exported by fmifs.dll, which are used to format fixed or removable disk drives and perform disk checks on Windows NT4 and later. It
  • NewLive All To Real Converter Pro 6.1

    Convert AVI/MPEG-1/Mp2/Mp3/Wav/Quick Time to RM (Real Media Files). RealMedia format is one of the most popular streaming media format. All To Real Converter is perfect for either novice or advanced content creators.
  • Fat32Formatter 1.0

    Fat32formatter is freeware and written by TOKIWA to format drive larger than 32GB to FAT32, which means it can walk around the OS restriction that you can format drive to FAT32 only the size up to 32GB on
  • Aidusb recovery software 2.6.2

    Aidusb recovery software can recover and restore all lost missing data file and deleted folder from your USB drive which includes USB Pen drive, Memory stick, Thumb drive, Compact drive, Smart drive, Key drive, Flash
  • Pen Drive Virus Protector -

    Q. How to virus comes into your Pen drive? A. When you insert pen drive into an infected computer, then virus will automatically copy itself into pen drive from infected computer. This process is done at the loading
  • XFreesoft DVD to Hard Drive Converter

    XFreesoft DVD to Hard drive Converter provides a fast, easy way to convert your favorite DVD movies onto Hard drive in AVI, DivX, VCD and SVCD formats. With XFreesoft DVD to Hard drive Converter you can convert your
  • Drive Magic 5.00

    You can extend the life of your drive by using handy software utility drive Magic that clean your drive safely and securely. It works without affecting your existing files as well as it support 4 Patent-Pending
  • iCare Format Recovery Free 1.2

    As a free format recovery software, free file recovery software, iCare format Recovery Free is capable of data recovery from corrupt files owing to reasons like partition corruption and partition resizing, system
  • Remount 1.3.2

    Using ReMount you can quickly change a drive letter without clicking thru the Windows disk management. E.g. to change drive F: to U: remount f: u: If both letters are in use and shall be swapped then use parameter
  • Geeksnerds Drive Clone Professional 1.0.0

    Geeksnerds drive Clone Professional creates a Sector-by-sector disk drive image. This means that the empty sectors will stay empty on destination disk drive and the sectors, which have information, are written with the
  • WD Drive Utilities

    You can use handy software utility WD drive Utilities for following purposes: for registering and setting up drive sleep timer; for managing RAID configuration; for running drive diagnostics as well as erasing and
  • NTFS Photo Recovery 1.0

    NTFS formatted drive Photo Recovery software is meant for recovering all the deleted and un-deleted image files from the formatted NTFS drive. It shows the photos that had been deleted before or after the drive format.
  • EzMigration 2

    EzMigration is the no-hassle way to move to a new or larger boot drive or data drive. To create a bootable drive that contains working applications, you need to move your drive contents as a single drive image, not
  • USB Disk Ejector 1.1.2

    PStart or the Portable Apps launcher is a program that enables you to quickly remove USB or fire-wire devices in Windows. It can be run as a non-visual command line program or a normal GUI program and is very useful.
  • Data Recovery on Pen Drive 1.0

    Data Recovery on Pen drive 1.0 is such a useful tool which is designed to help users recover usb deleted files, folders, images, songs, videos, documents and many more items from damaged, corrupted & formatted usb
  • E.M. Easy DVD Copy 2.0

    E.M. Easy DVD Copy Easy DVD-Video Copy is easy-to-use DVD cloning software to get perfect duplicates of your favorite movies on DVD or Hard drive with just a few clicks. format supported: DVD to DVD, DVD to Hard drive,
  • TMGS Computer Diagnostics 1.0

    TMGS Computer Diagnostics is a collection of the best free computer diagnostics packaged in a bootable USB flash drive format. TMGS Computer Diagnostics provides tests for the following areas: Detailed System
  • Recover Clip-it USB Drive Data 2.0

    How to recover data from clip-it usb drive? Recover Data for Pen drive is the proficient Clip-it USB drive recovery tool to efficiently recover Clip-it drive files from corrupted, damaged & formatted USB drive. This
  • BootDisk2BootStick 0.12

    BootDisk2Boo is a small yet handy utility to make an image of your startup disk or clone it to a flash drive. It enables you to easily move or save the data from the disk to your stick and you'll never again need to
  • DriveIcons 2.022

    Have you ever wanted to change the icon on your DVD or Bluray drive, Hard drive, flash drive. How about a Mac formatted volume under Bootcamp or a Card Reader with no media in it? Windows 7 Compatible and notice how even
  • StorageCrypt

    StorageCrypt it's so fast that in quick mode few seconds is enough to encrypt 1TB drive.It's easy to use for anyone with minimum computer skills.Do you have lot of movies, audios, documents on portable drive and care
  • Any DRIVE Formatter 2.0.6

    Any drive formatter is FREEWARE software it is the software which will Detect portable drives on your system and will allow you to format it. Sometimes Windows format is Unable to format the USB or other portable
  • Virtual Hard Drive Pro 2

    Virtual Hard drive Pro takes a portion of your system memory and creates a RAM drive, which functions like a physical hard drive, only with much better access rates. A RAM drive bypasses the system hard drive, which is
  • Format Recovery for Email 1.1

    Free email Recovery SoftWare (format Recovery for EMail V1.0) can recover EMail from a damaged dbx file or deleted dbx file or re-installed windows' drive. The mail fragment can be saved as EMaiL file. format Recovery
  • Raxso Drive Magic 5.0

    Sanitize, protect and secure any magnetic drive, USB drive and more. The process of sanitizing a drive means overwriting each unused track several times to erase the data that was previously there. This applies to the
  • WinUSB Maker 1.8

    WinUSB Maker 1.8 is released as a simple, convenient and effective tool to make dynamically any Removable Device / External HDD as bootable with Windows Setup. Major Features: Full faster drive backup / restore,
  • NT Drive Recovery 1.3

    It is often the case where people faced problem when they've format their hard disk and found that they've got important data on it. Hard drive data recovery services are now widely offered by a number of data recovery